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We’re 12 days into the Olympics, and with loads of events finished as well as medals won, Greatist is uncovering the most fascinating facts regarding our favorite Olympic sporting activities. We began with beach volleyball facts and filled you know the mysteries of steeplechase, the decathlon, as well as trampoline. Now we’re damaging down the 200 meter dash, a sprint track event that ends prior to you could spoken ‘Usain Screw.’

This occasion occurs toward completion of the Olympics, with the females’s final on the 8th and the men’s on the 9th. Over it’s long history in the modern-day video games, the U.S.A. has controlled with 17 gold medals (of 25 possible). Joggers in the 200 meter have an unique capability, however frequently run comparable ranges such as the ONE HUNDRED meter or perhaps the 400. Joggers in this occasion have to balance a solid start, a temporary floating period, a fast choice up, and also solid coating, and all in under 20 secs. Woah.

Mr. & Mrs. Dashboard – The Need-to-Know

1. Bend it like Bolt.
The race has a staggered start on a bend of the track and upright the residence directly. Joggers show up to start at different distances to make up time shed (or gained) while transforming the race’s one edge. To begin, athletes assume the set position – kneeling down with their feet in the beginning blocks.

2. One of a kind.
A straight-away version of the dash, called the stadion (joggers sprinted for one ‘stade,’ or the length of the arena), was the only Olympic occasion for the very first 13 Old Greek Olympic Gamings, which began in 776 BC.

3. Inside track.
So that goes where? In the very first round, lane tasks are attracted, but then it depends upon performance. The best guys and also gals hit the center lanes which have the least quantity of contour to them.

4. Winning in a blink of an eye.
With such a brief distance, time between finishers could be as little as one hundredth of a second. (!?!?!?!?!) At the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Usain Bolt won with a Globe Record of 19.30 secs. The silver and also bronze medalists (America’s Shawn Crawford as well as Walter Dix, specifically) were divided by 0.02 seconds.

5. American excellence.
At the 1904, 1932, 1952, 1956, 1984, and also 2004 games U.S. men took home not merely the gold however swept up silver and also bronze, too.

6. Women reclaim the throne.
The UNITED STATE females took gold in the 200 meters in 2 successive games (’60 as well as ’64) yet it had not been till the ’84 online games that a UNITED STATE woman restored the gold. American women maintained the touch by winning the occasion at the following two games.

7. Getting the boot.
Disqualifications (the bad DQ, as well as not the ice lotion kind) are regrettably easy to come by in this occasion. A 200 meter sprinter could be invalidated for an incorrect begin (bolting from the blocks prior to the starting gun fires, or within 0.1 secs of it). Joggers could likewise be penalized for deviating from their lane or obstructing one more athlete.

8. Stepping over the line.
At the 2008 Beijing games, second location finisher Churandy Martina of the Netherlands and also third location finisher Wallace Spearmon of the UNITED STATE were both invalidated as well as removed of their medals for getting out of their lanes. Complete buzzkill.

9. Fast like lightning.
We all saw it. In Beijing, Usain Bolt (deadly name for this occasion, incidentally) damaged the 200 meter globe record at the similar online games that he damaged the 100 meter dash. He ended up being the first man to damage the globe document in both events at the same Olympics.

10. Breaking records.
Bolt ran the 200 meters in 19.19 secs at the 2009 World Championships, establishing a new world record. He additionally established the Olympic record a year earlier in Beijing with a time of 19.30 seconds. The women’s world record owner is American Florence Griffith-Joyner who ran the event in 21.34 secs at the 1988 Olympics.

11. The fastest males as well as ladies alive?
Does the title of ‘Fastest Individual Alive’ come from the ONE HUNDRED meter or 200 meter champion? In 1997, that challenge was settled when ONE HUNDRED meter victor Donovan Bailey competed 200 meter (as well as 400 meter) winner Michael Johnson in a 150 meter race with a small contour in the track. Bailey, the 100m champ, won the contest after Johnson hurt himself.

12. Boys only.
The 200 meter dash has actually been around considering that the 1900 Olympic video games in Paris, France. At first merely for men, it took an additional 48 years prior to females can participate.

13. Flying full-sail.
If there is a helping wind (called wind support) gauged over 2 meters each 2nd, athletes are not eligible for documents (although the race outcomes are still counted).

14. Jesse Owens and Berlin 1936.
At the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens won gold for the 200 meter dash (he additionally won 3 more gold medals in the ONE HUNDRED meters, long jump, as well as 4×100 relay). His motivating success radically influenced the online games each time when Hitler’s Nazi program saw Owens as a much less qualified professional athlete due to the shade of his skin.

15. Efficient running.
Running at this summer’s Olympics occurs in the Olympic Stadium, which could hold 80,000 spectators. It is the most sustainable arena ever developed for an Olympic games.

Will the 200 meters ever before get the same reputation as it’s ONE HUNDRED meter little sibling? And exactly what’s your favored running event at the Olympics? Allow us understand in the remarks below!