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Question: How do I obtain rid of loose skin after weight loss?

Answer: Loose or saggy skin could be a typical trouble after shedding a large amount of weight (even more compared to about 50-100 pounds) in a brief time period. In time, you could see improvements in your skin’s flexibility, but some people may need surgery to get rid of excess skin.

According to Cosmetic surgery Quick guide Natalie Kita, the major factors associated with your skin’s elasticity include:

  • Age: As you age, your skin becomes less elastic.
  • Genetics: Genes affect how much firmness your skin keeps as you get older.
  • How much weight you lose: When you lose a big of amount of weight in a short time, such as with fat burning surgery, your skin doesn’t have time to diminish in addition to your body as well as could be completely extended if you’re overweight for an extended period of time.
  • Sun direct exposure: Your past, existing as well as future exposure to the sun could damage your skin.
  • Nutrition as well as water intake: Your skin might not be as healthy and balanced or strong if you aren’t getting well balanced nutrition, vitamins, and minerals (especially Vitamins C & E) as well as staying hydrated.
  • Smoking: Cigarette smoking can accelerate the normal aging process of your skin.

What You Can Do About It

Because we’re all different, each individual will certainly have a different feedback after slimming down. Some individuals may get better promptly while others may require to take into consideration body contouring surgery to obtain rid of additional skin.

Natalie recommends waiting at the very least a year after weight-loss prior to considering cosmetic surgery to enable your weight to stabilize.

Remember that body contouring surgical procedure is a costly and also severe surgical procedure calling for a long healing time. You might be able to make a difference with other options, such as exercise and a healthy and balanced diet.

A standard cardio and toughness training app can help you minimize body fat while constructing muscle. When you add muscle, you can improve just how the skin looks and also may have the ability to lower some sagging.

Avoiding Loose Skin

The ideal way to prevent loose skin is to shed weight slowly, about 1-2 extra pounds each week. Sluggish weight loss allows you to keep muscular tissue mass while shedding fat and it additionally permits your skin to readjust as you lose weight.