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A 10 years ago Apple revealed the iPod Shuffle, and health and fitness demons, useded to clunky Walkmans, celebrated. It was light, resilient, as well as played hundreds of tunes with the click of a switch. Thanks to solutions like Spotify and also Pandora, no one in fact makes use of iPod Mixes anymore.

Now you’re compelled to lug your phone with you. OK, lug is a little remarkable, however smartphones are extremely delicate as well as costly. And also, streaming music could completely burn with your data strategy and your battery. And also your phone could be a massive diversion when exercising (texting on the treadmill is like playing Russian live roulette).

But Mighty is changing the game. An iPod Shuffle for the streaming age, the sweat-proof gadget clips into your waist, knapsack strap, or shirt collar, as well as if you do drop it, there’s no screen to fracture. And also, using Mighty is incredibly simple. Open up the application on your phone (it works on iOS and also Android) and pick the Spotify playlists you intend to sync through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. One caution: The gadget functions only with Spotify Premium. Mighty can keep up to Two Days of songs, and also the battery can play 5 one hours of continual music, so also marathoners will not be stuck without tunes.

Mighty is still in its Kickstarter stage, but you could be among the very first individuals to obtain one by pledging $80. The owners anticipate deliveries will start November 2016.

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