Update: On May 21, Catharine Pendrel made a place on the 2012 Canadian Olympic Group for Hill Cycling. Stay on par with her journeys on NBC and nbcolympics.com this summer season!

Introduced to the sport by her sibling at the age of 16, Catharine Pendrel as well as her mtb ended up being fast close friends. From her first downhill trip in her native New Brunswick to landing a pro contract with LUNA in 2008, Pendrel reveals no indicators of reducing down– regardless of exactly how high the terrain. As well as now, with the World title as well as 3 Globe Mug wins in 2014 alone, Pendrel is gearing up for (exactly what else?) the 2012 Olympic Gamings. Eavesdrop as she hops off the bike as well as into the hot seat to speak hard job, clever options, as well as staying fit on the road.


How did you enter the sport of mountain biking?

I matured on a steed farm in a really tiny rural community, so steeds were always my thing. Going into Grade 12, I felt prepared for something new. Everybody expanded up playing basketball as well as I constantly pulled at all the institution sports. … Hill biking was something that no person else in town was doing as well as nothing else girls were doing– as well as I assume that was truly appealing for me. I was ready to set myself aside from the crowd.

What did it really feel like, that initial trip you went on?

I’ll be straightforward, the initial trip felt truly difficult. I resembled, ‘Why do individuals do this? This ground is bumpy!’ So yeah, absolutely the first time had not been an epiphany– it was more concerning the culture, the truth that there were these individuals who were spending their weekend breaks outdoor camping as well as being outdoors and also enjoying. It was simply new as well as different as well as interesting. And there were these men who were OK with having a slower girl gone along and also wanted to instruct me to do something I hadn’t done prior to. So it was very effective, locating that unforeseen discovering possibility to do something actually trendy.

When did the real riding part start ending up being enjoyable for you?

When I initially started I would walk a bunch of downhills simply since I was truly frightened. Therefore it was probably the first time that I used a truly rocky downhill. Totally.

What’s a regular training week like for you now?

A typical week is usually intervals as well as some strength maintenance on Tuesday and also Thursday. And after that volume on Wednesday, Saturday, and also Sunday. That’s usually 3– 4 1/2 hours [ each trip] for a mountain cyclist due to the fact that the occasions aren’t incredibly long, but you do need that endurance so you’re solid because last half-hour of the race. Monday is constantly my remainder day– psychological and physical. And Friday is my energetic recuperation, so some yoga exercise and a little bike ride.

What’s the hardest component of your program?

I would state doing an intense exercise when you’re not getting that positive comments from your body. Or possibly the weather condition sucks, or it’s gusty. It’s the job part. The riding is enjoyable. The work aspect isn’t constantly fun.

How does strength training element in?

I do even more stamina training in the winter. So usually October via February, and after that it’s so near to race season. I came up with a resort area workout that I could do any place I go, which consists of yoga exercise stretches and bodyweight exercises that I go through head to toe. All it takes has to do with 20 to Thirty Minutes. Every person could discover time for 20 to 30 mins, right?

Right. For those of you that ‘d prefer to adhere to along:

work out

Illustration by Christopher Hardgrove

Warm up: Yoga and vibrant motions, including mountain present, cat-cow, downward canine, back rotations, mountain climbers, as well as side steps with rubber band (or cut bike tube) around the ankles.

Upper body: Push-ups, 2-3 sets of 8-20 reps.

Arms: Dips, decreasing on your own using a hotel chair, 2-3 collections of 8-20 reps.

Core (choose three): 3 x 1:30 sec planks, 3 x 60 sec bikes, V rests, superman, and leg lifts. Mix it up. Begin with whatever obstacles you as well as work up to more!

Legs: Solitary leg squats (before the mirror to make sure the knee is tracking straight), step-ups (hit the resort stairs!), supine single leg lift to back link, calf increases (from the ground or from the edge of an action). Full 2-3 sets of 8-20 representatives for each and every exercise.

Stretch: Take time to extend in between exercises offering more interest to whatever area gets tight on you. I love child’s pose, warrior poses, as well as triangle position to obtain at my limited cycling muscles.

Sounds like a strategy! As well as exactly what regarding your diet plan?

I have actually never dieted. I assume a bunch of women are surprised to see me eat because I consume very usually. I do consume a lot more than many people do (most likely about 3,000 calories/day) due to the fact that I shed a great deal. Yet for me, it’s constantly been “if it’s not damaged, don’t repair it.” I assume a lot of people experiment with their diet plan when they don’t have any kind of problems– as well as they create problems for themselves. Considering that coming to be a professional athlete, I absolutely concentrate on eating more healthy dishes. I make certain it tastes good, looks excellent, feels great. And I believe as long as you’re eating all the great stuff, it’s OKAY to have snacks and also treats and also whatever– you simply make far better choices.

In 2008, exactly what did it seem like lastly transforming pro?

work out plans It really felt very extraordinary. Also up until 2007, I never believed that it was actually visiting take place due to the fact that there are so few people that in fact earn money to ride their bike– particularly females. I was like “Wow, I really made it. Someone’s paying me to ride my bike? Truly?” Because I ‘d do it absolutely free– wait, I should not say that! To feel like you have the finest job in the world, you really feel rather lucky.

What would certainly you state is the best part?

What I’ve reached see and do. I reach travel the globe with my bike. And also be surrounded by fantastic people.

Team “Kika” have to be pleased.

Oh yeah. My parents are virtually like embarrassingly proud. They have actually always been the incredibly moms and dads, that’ll drive 14 one hours to see a mountain bicycle race.

And what concerning your bro that taught you the ropes?

He’s really the Canadian National Downhill Coach.

Well then!

Yup. He’s really much in the sport and he was there when I won the globe championships. He was really the individual that handed me the Canadian flag to lug across the finish line. And my family all has tickets to the Olympics currently, so yeah– no pressure!