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Losing weight doesn’t have to be tough job, you do need to take a look at your diet and also workout but there are other points you can do that can aid. Basic things such as exchanging specific points in your diet regimen for others that taste simply as great yet have less calories.

These pointers are based on swapping things in your diet regimen that you might such as to indulge on every now as well as then, it is simply to provide you a suggestion on exactly how you can reduce calories really simply by making various options but not robbing yourself of the treats you enjoy.

I reference details companies/products in some parts of this article yet this is simply for you to see the amount of calories you can conserve by making various options when consuming preferred foods, I am not promoting any one of the items or areas mentioned.

Here are 20 simple swaps:


Swap your morning bowl of cereal for gruel. If porridge is not your point then opt for the healthier grains, check the ingredients initially as there are many that you may think are healthy and balanced but remain in truth high in calories. Grains are the option of numerous as they are quick and easy but you could be eating even more calories than you think for morning meal, and right here are some reasons why:

  • Portion size – are you making use of huge bowls, do you fill your dish excessive? It is very easy to consume dual the quantity than you require. Try and maintain your portion to under 1-1 1/2 cups.
  • Are there any type of nuts? Nuts are good for you and also contain protein and healthy and balanced fats however they are likewise high in calories so take care of how numerous are included.
  • Sugar? Do you sugarcoat to your cereal, if so take into consideration exchanging sugar out for chopped fresh fruit, not dried fruit which is greater in calories. Chopped bananas, strawberries or blueberries are my favourites for contributing to porridge.
  • Stay away from the sweetened cereals such as coco pops, frosties etc, these sort of grains have a great deal of sugar.


Swap entire milk for a various sort of milk e.g. almond milk, coconut milk etc there are various selections which contain less calories. If you don’t such as the preference of the various other milks after that switch entire fat for semi-skimmed or also better non fat milk and also you could conserve up to 90 calories. Switching milk can transform the calorie web content for not only your morning meal but additionally for your coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc.


If you such as to treat yourself to an alcoholic beverage every so often you might conserve on your own some calories by drinking something different:

Swap a whisky as well as coke for a vodka and also slim line tonic conserving you 71 calories.

Swap your margarita for a mojito and also save 135 calories.

Swap a pint of beer for a glass (120ml) of gewurztraminer as well as save 107 calories.


If you want to delight in a chocolate bar after that opt for the ones with reduced calories, swap out a Snickers bar (319 calories) for a Cadbury Flake (170 calories) instead as well as save 149 calories.

Two fingers of a Nestle Set Kat is even better (107 calories) saving you 212 calories compared to the Snickers bar.


Do you regularly visit coffee bar for a coffee or a quick lunch, if so, after that attempt a few of these swaps:

Leave behind the Venti Vanilla Latte (320 cals) as well as order instead the Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte (160 cals) for a saving of 210 calories or conversely choose a Tall Caffe Cappucino (100 cals) and also save 270 calories.

Fancy a Tuna Melt Panini (389 cals) exchange it for a Tuna Mayonnaise and also Cucumber Sandwich (258 cals) and conserve 131 calories.

Swap the Chicken Caesar Wrap (434 cals) for the Chicken Salad Sandwich (272 cals) conserving on your own 162 calories.

Pastries and Muffins

Swap a blueberry muffin for a butter croissant as well as you could conserve 234 calories.

Swap a reduced fat chocolate piece muffin for a pain au chocolate and conserve 186 calories and also you still get your delicious chocolate fix.

Swap the lemon poppy seed muffin for an apricot croissant as well as you will certainly conserve 191 calories.

Pizza Express

Swap the baked dough balls with garlic butter (342 cals) for the garlic bread (238 cals) saving 104 calories.

A blended side salad with house dressing (139 cals) choose the light clothing and save 34 calories, ask to have no clothing as well as conserve 116 calories.

If you such as to have among their salads for your main dish then take into consideration swapping the warm vegetable and goats cheese salad with chicken (909 cals) for the Pollo Pancetta Salad without goats cheese (778 cals) saving you 131 calories. Currently if you wished to save even better you could get the Pollo without dough sticks you can save a total amount of 379 calories.

If pizza is your choice then conserve calories with the Leggera Pizzas which are all 500 calories each so these pizzas have much less calories than any of the Classic or Romana pizzas.

The Classic pizzas vary in calories from 669 -951 calories and the Romana pizzas range from 813-1148 calories.

Watching a movie

Have snacks without butter instead of snacking on potato chips.

Fast food

I would certainly suggest remaining away from convenience food completely, because of the high number of calories and it’s high fat and also salt content, but if you do really feel need then there are some swaps you can do to help lower the amount of calories:

Swap the Costs Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich for the Costs Gilled Chicken Club Sandwich and conserve 160 calories or go for the McChicken as well as conserve 260 calories.

Swap the Double Quarter Pounder with cheese for a Large Mac as well as conserve 200 calories or choose a basic cheeseburger as well as save 450 calories.

I wont listing any kind of swaps for Hamburger King however I will point out that the trick to calorie swaps for junk food generally is to think of lowering the extras.

Think concerning what’s included to your choices for instance cheese is mosting likely to bump up your calories, likewise the method the food is prepared, pick grilled over fried. Watch out for the sauces as well as dressings these can include on the calories. Sizes that you pick make a difference, whether it french fries or sodas, you can save 100 calories can by having a medium soft drink rather than a large. When making swaps to reduce calories there is lot of information available however I suggest that you make your swaps for the healthier options. Do not just exchange sugar for sweetener to lower calories or also the diet soda as opposed to the typical soda, these types of swaps might reduce calories yet the options have active ingredients that are manmade and aren’t so helpful for you. Directly I prefer to have sugar than sugar substitutes as the sugar replaces can create bloating, stomach distension and gas as they are not easily digested.

One last point, just because the calories are less you still need to be conscious of the nutritional content of the foods, foods can still have high fat content.