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The Sunlight is beaming as well as it’s ultimately summertime! Step out of that stale, sauna-like Yoga room, you have a new studio with a fresh breeze visible air. It features a titan, super-soft sand-mat as well as excellent sea sights – Yes, it’s the beach. There are lots of reasons to try Yoga exercise by the sea besides the evident “fun-in-the-sun” variable. Make sure to offer coastline Yoga a shot whether you live near a beach (lucky you) or happen to be taking place holiday to a beachy destination (in which instance, also fortunate you.)

Open Air

One of the major Yogic methods is Pranayama, which indicates “breath control.” In Yoga exercise philosophy, it is said that by completely filling ourselves with air we are loading ourselves with the unseen vital force – the energy of Life itself. As a result, the purity of the open air at the coastline is definitely perfect for Pranayama.

Sea Scents

Who doesn’t enjoy that comforting, salty sea scent? The beach scents incredibly crisp as well as revitalizing. This is wonderful information for your Pranayama technique. Likewise, it’s a much even more positive scent and also substitute for the eau-de-sweat from the studio area. Take a deep breath – Get up as well as scent the coral.

Negatively Charged Ions

Atoms are constantly positively or adversely charged. When we remain in a space (such a workplaces, cities, homes) that contains a high amount of favorably charged ions in comparison to the negatively charged ions, we tend to really feel weary, worried as well as generally down. It has been confirmed that a high degree of negatively charged ions is exceptionally efficient and also useful for our health and wellness and also wellness. Individuals pay huge amounts of cash for air purifying machines which negatively bill ions. However the beach is known to be high in adverse ions as well as much more fantastic – nature does it for you. The beach supplies you with an abundant quantity of complimentary adversely charged ions.

Soft Soothing Sand

Sand works as a soothing cushion. It’s a great solution for people with problematic locations such as delicate knees or my dear friend who has a broken coccyx. Additionally, the soft surface area enables you to hold poses such as inversions (specifically the Headstand Pose) for longer amount of times. It likewise implies that you can be braver with the postures you attempt, as there will certainly always be sand to capture you and also give a soft landing for your bottom should you shed your balance.

Cooling Water

If you come to be hot during a vigorous Yoga session, you have an optimum cool-down choice of rejuvenating water – an entire sea of it, in fact. If your coastline of choice and also the moon have actually made a decision to offer amazing waves, that’s outstanding. Utilize them as splashing, splashing insta-coolers. If your coastline and also moon are really feeling cool feelings instead as well as it’s offering you calm waters, that’s likewise incredible. Take the opportunity to unwind and invigorate as you drift in the water in Shavasana (Remains Pose.)


Need I state a lot more? At the coastline you can do Yoga as you soak up some vitamin D for an added healthy, sunny session. You can work with that golden tan while you at the same time deal with your individual Yoga practice.

Fantastic View

You’ll have an incredible view of the blue sea, the wonderful landscape, the gold grains of sand and also spiritually evoking sunrays. It’s a perfect mix and also alchemy for an impressive Yoga flow.


Waves are normally rhythmical as they ups and downs. They give us with a valuable lesson as, metaphorically, this ebb as well as flow applies to numerous facets of our life. This rhythm also sets the tone for an excellent Yoga session by promoting constant breathing and paced position flows. It assists you reach a deep, inward-facing state sooner.

Always Open

Unlike your Yoga workshop, the coastline is always open every hr of every day. This is best must you wish to do a few Moon Salutations with the representation of the moonlight upon the water – Sounds rather captivating, does it not?

Try These Three

Go for a full Yoga exercise circulation of your choice, however do not fail to remember to include these three poses!

Tree Pose

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You can explore all of the variations of tree posture as well as experiment with equilibrium. If you drop back, the coastline exists to catch your attractive derrière.

King Pigeon Pose

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The malleable sand will certainly be of excellent aid if you would love to check out all variants of Pigeon Pose. Your knees will be comforted throughout the process so you can concentrate on obtaining your legs up and owning this pose.

Headstand Pose

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Ever wondered what the coastline appears like upside-down? The sand offers you with a molding padding that makes head-standing comfortable and also satisfying. If you have not offered a full-on headstand a shot, now is the time.

Sunshine, Sea and Yoga

Next time you check out the coastline, enjoy a Yoga session by the sea. It’s enjoyable, transformative as well as very easy. It’s additionally a good time to try those advanced positions you have actually been staying clear of. Capitalize on the softness beneath you and also attempt something more sophisticated. It will certainly be much easier than saying “she stands in headstands on soft sand by the seaside” 3 times quickly and also a thousand times a lot more enjoyable. Go on now – Appreciate and beam on like a super (sea) star!