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If you’re on the keto diet and you’re still not following Jenna Jameson on Instagram, IDK what you’re doing, yet you’ve obtained ta obtain on that.

Case in point: her latest Instagram article, where Jenna went on as well as answered one of the most typical inquiries she obtains from fans-and her fellow keto dieters should definitely keep in mind (she’s lost 80 pounds given that beginning the diet in April, nevertheless).

Here are all the deets: According to Jenna, she still recurring fasts (6 p.m. to 11 a.m.)- however only for 5 days a week. And also when it comes to working out on the keto diet regimen, Jenna says she certainly does not debt exercise for her weight loss-that’s all keto. ‘I just began lifting weights and also a little bit of yoga exercise this last month,’ she says.

When asked how much time she intends to remain on keto, Jenna claims the diet plan is a forever point. ‘It makes me feel solid and also sharp,’ she says. ‘Why would I wish to return to seeming like a sloth?’

But evidently also the keto queen herself has her vices-she loves ‘ wonderful lotion Coffee-mate’- including that her morning drink of option is coffee with sugar-free Coffee-mate and also stevia. (Jenna’s certainly mentioned this coffee hack prior to in earlier diet regimen breakdowns. One more one of Jenna’s fave drinks? Fresca.)

Jenna’s daughter Batelli likewise (albeit indirectly) showed up in her message when she revealed viewers typically ask her if the keto diet plan impacts her milk supply (she’s presently nursing Batelli). ‘No, yet I suggest refraining keto up until your baby is consuming solids and breastfeeding,’ she composes. ‘Equally as a safety measure. All moms products and also nursing journeys are different.’

( That’s actually respectable suggestions, tbh-while it’s not always dangerous for your baby to breastfeed on keto, that doesn’t indicate you must do it without additionally making certain they obtain their fair share of nutrients from various other sources.)

Lastly, Jenna dealt with the ever-popular concern of plateaus-specifically what to do if you hit one (a.k.a., your weight loss has actually stalled) on the keto diet plan. ‘I cut out dairy for a couple of days and it functions like an appeal,’ she composed.

Clearly, Jenna’s got this keto diet thing down pat-and according to her numerous before-and-after pictures, it shows.