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Jenna Jameson’s been on the keto diet regimen because April-that’s practically 8 complete months of staying with a particular weight-loss program … and anyone that’s attempted that before recognizes it can be hard AF.

But today, Jenna exposed just how she stays motivated on the diet regimen and why she doesn’t cheat-and it’s quite damn easy: She can in fact see her progress.

Jenna published a picture of herself in an old pair of red as well as black plaid pajamas-the pajamas obviously fit her last year (you know, when she was 80 extra pounds much heavier), today, it appears like she can basically fit another individual in there with her.

‘ People constantly ask me how I remain inspired and do not rip off on #keto,’ she wrote. ‘Well THIS right here is my inspiration. This pajama collection is an XXL that I put on SNUGGLY last Xmas.’

Jenna took place to explain that she finds motivation to remain on the diet by keeping in mind of her development, ‘even the tiniest improvement.’ That will not comes as a shock to enthusiastic Jenna fans who seen her normal before-and-after photos.

Jenna additionally published one more attire that fit her last year-but does not this year-on her Instagram Stories: a Christmas onesie. Jenna took a video of herself drawing a the excess onesie material in the mirror, adhered to by a photo from in 2015 when the onesie was significantly tighter.

In keeping with her keto queen condition, Jenna additionally introduced her keto-specific Instagram account yesterday, @ketocantlose- and she’s currently started publishing videos of her favorite keto meal methods. (Evidently the brand-new account will certainly be ‘all food-related,’ according to a comment by Jenna.)

Her initial video clip on the account included two of her keto staples: over-easy eggs served over arugula.

And her second article was something we can all relate to-a quick dinner option from Investor Joe’s. Jenna stated the shop’s BARBEQUE Hen Teriyaki (minus the teriyaki sauce!) was a go-to in her family, writing, ‘I include warm sauce and bam … fantastic [quick] meal.’

So uh, if you were concerned Jenna would certainly ease up on the keto material even if she hit her objective weight, it resembles she’s just getting started.