Sure, Jenna Jameson has been killing it on the keto diet plan for months (she’s lost 80 pounds on it, btw), however even the keto queen herself was a novice at one point-and currently she’s sharing the tips that assisted her when she was just starting to enter into the keto groove.

On Sunday, Jenna required to Instagram to reveal one of the questions she gets asked the most: ‘Where do I begin with keto?’ (Wondering another thing? Jenna answered a bunch of various other keto Frequently asked questions on Friday, also.)

‘ First, solve in your mind!’ Jenna wrote on Sunday. ‘Declare as well as envision success!’ Which is valuable yet not completely actionable-don’ t worry, Jenna increased on that particular a bit.

Her second pointer for beginning keto? ‘CLEAN OUT YOUR KITCHEN,’ Jenna composed (yes, in all caps). ‘Remove every little thing with concealed sugars and also all the refined nasty waste you have actually been poisoning on your own with,’ Jenna stated, including that she considers sugar a poisonous substance, which aids her stay clear of consuming it.

That, certainly, resulted in her 3rd suggestion: ‘SHOP,’ Jenna said, recommending her followers (and also keto hopefuls) begged food store like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, which, according to Jenna, ‘do not carry as much highly refined fast food that can tempt.’ (One editorial note, though: They most definitely still have packaged foods, so do not simply think about every little thing in the store great-for-you.)

When you’re at the store, Jenna recommends buying organic as well as grass-fed foods, together with shopping mainly along the boundary of the shop (which is where many whole foods-like produce, dairy, meats, etc.-are situated).

‘ Excellent guideline of thumb is if it is an entire food, not a mixture of chemicals, it’s what god planned you to consume,’ Jenna wrote-which makes good sense, offered that her favorite keto-friendly foods include ribeye steak, eggs, salmon, arugula salad, avocados, and cottage cheese.

While, yes, keto is absolutely a transition, Jenna ensured her followers and keto followers that ‘when you enter the groove, consuming #keto becomes 2nd nature.’

Oh, and P.S.-Jenna also shared that she’s preparing a keto Thanksgiving this year and asked readers if they would certainly desire the menu for that. Um, yes please!