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Is there anything sexier than a set of lean, solid legs and a perky derrière? We do not believe so – that’s why we’ve assembled an awesome workout to aid you get the legs, thighs and tush you have actually constantly fantasized of.

Do this workout done in one go, or if you like break it up right into 2 or 3 components which you spread through the day. You can find a variation of this workout as well as video clips on how to do the exercises, over right here: print this exercise and also workout videos.

Lean and Sexy Legs Workout

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Pin this workout:

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Exercise Videos

Reverse Lunge
Pliè Squat
Calf Raise
Side Lunge
Mountain Climbers
Split Leg Squat
Walking Lunges

And you’re done…

That’s all there is to it! Maintain the hot leg workout obstacle and you’ll soon have the lean, slim, hot legs you have actually constantly desired. Bear in mind: make your workouts fun and they will not seem like work. Transform up the songs and also obtain started!

Want to target your booty much more? We’ve got a workout for that! Try our Ultimate Butt Exercise for a fantastic booty and sexy legs too.

Your turn: What are your preferred workouts for your legs? Did you do this challenge? Just how was it? Allow us know!