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You’ve reached function your upper body along with your lower body if you wish to prevent muscular tissue asymmetry as well as improve your performance in simply concerning every activity. By working with your upper body you can additionally include symmetry to your figure – for instance, say you’ve obtained your diet called in, you’re consistently consuming healthy and balanced, but you seem like your reduced body is bigger (e.g. ‘pear’ form) you can work with your upper body to bring more balance to your physique.

Not just that, male or lady, it’s good to be strong! You never ever know when upper-body strength is mosting likely to serve: we’re not saying zombie appocalypse, but … it’s good to be able to climb up walls. Or it can simply be something as simple as loosening up a stuck container lid.

Also, attractive arms as well as toned shoulders are additionally good … So with that in mind, right here’s an upper-body workout developed to blow up those biceps, triceps muscles and also shoulders. Enjoy!

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Exercise Videos

Warm Up

Dynamic Stretch
Rotator Cuff Warm Up
Dowel Stretch
Arm Circles
Arm Swings
Jumping Jacks


Bench Dips
Plank Walk-ups
Reverse Push-ups
Dive Bombers
Pike Push-ups
Wall Walks
Bridge Push-ups

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